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Citrus Fruits

Welcome to
Juice Capitol ATL

Welcome to Juice Capitol ATL. Below you will be able to pick various juice plans and/or individual juices, Seamoss smoothies and Seamoss gel.

When choosing please be aware of certain fresh produce you are allergic too or may interfere with medications you are taking.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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3 Day Juice Plan  $50 * 5 Day Juice Plan $90

cash app $juicecapitolatl *text 856-203-0810, your name and order* 

This juice plan helps with weightloss and various health issues, when following the regiment correctly. You will receive 10 juices for a 5 day juice plan and 6 juices for a 3 day juice plan. Please replace them with breakfast and lunch each day. Only drink water and herbal tea in between juices. 2-3 Hours after your last juice eat your dinner. Dinner options are baked/air fried chicken, turkey or fish, raw or boiled vegetables and any type of potato or quinoa. DO NOT USE DAIRY! olive oil or vegan butter, Himalayan salt and pepper for taste. Always keep juices inside of refrigerator verses on refrigerator door. You have 2 hours to consume entire juice bottle, after you open it. DO NOT OPEN and put back in refrigerator for the next day, the juice will go bad. These are fresh juices without preservatives. All natural juices will last up to 10 days. You can freeze them if you need too.


Cash app: $JuicecapitolATL *Then text 856-203-0810 , your name location, if you need deliver or to meet for your juice orders


These natural raw juices listed above, is made with real cold pressed fruits and vegetables. If you need a quick shot of essential vitamins and minerals or an energy-boost, that provides health benefits for weightloss, detoxing and other health issues, Pick any above.


Our Detox drinks works as a natural diarrhetic. The black lemonade remove toxins and parasites out of the body. Blue Lemonade is a powerful protein with antioxidant, pain relief, anti-inflammatory and brain -protective properties. Purple rain is for skin and hair growth health. ATL enhances mood, support heart health, speeds metabolism and reduces anxiety.


Our seamoss gel and seamoss smoothies contains 92 minerals, support a healthy heart, helps maintain a healthy weight, is a great post workout recovery tonic, improves libido, promotes a healthy thyroid and a healthy immune system.

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