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Contact Juice Capitol

by Reviewing the questions below and submitting in the message section.

Thanks for choosing Juice Capitol for your juicing needs.

I need to know a few things to help me serve you better.

1) Are you allergic to any fruits or veggies?

2) Do you have any illness​es?

3) What are your goals?

4) Are you taking any medicine that will interfere with natural juices?

5)What is your name and address?

All I need is up to 24-48 hours in advance,

Please purchase on store page

by noon the day, before.

This is to assure your juices will be ready on time.

If the payment is not sent in by noon, your juices will not be available the next day.


Thank you so much

Yara Waples

Phone: (856) 535-4066


Address: 1031 Little Gloucester Road

Store 7

Blackwood, NJ 08012


Email Address*


When our store is closed, you can also purchases juices at Natural Health.

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